Baby clothes for a six-weeks-old!

The first thing that you need to anticipate is the fact that babies can be really messy! No matter how much you say that your baby is decent, he is still going to burp, vomit, spill out saliva, and poop for sure. I haven’t seen a baby who does not do any of these, so you will be changing your baby’s clothes quite often. You also need to make sure that, however, you dress up your baby, and it must have an easy opening for the diaper. In other words, you need a pair of clothes that are soft and comfortable.

What clothes should you choose then?

This is one of the most interesting questions and to be honest, you would need to know your baby first in order to understand what kind of clothes you need. You need first-person research done on your baby, by you. You need to be considered about the sizing, the fabric types, and the style of the outfit.

There are several questions that you would need an answer to

  1. Does your baby like to have things pulled over his head? Most of the babies do not like it, but only you would know about yours
  2. How quickly does your baby grow? This is also pretty interesting since most babies would keep the size of newborn for like 3 months, and most newborns would outgrow to the size of a 3 month in 2 weeks
  3. How sensitive is your baby? Most babies are susceptible. Babies are vulnerable towards what they eat, how they are treated, and the fabric that they are wearing. So, if a baby romper supplier says that the romper he is selling is optimal for your baby, rethink it. Your baby might not like the fabric if it’s not organic.

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